This event is free to attend, just reserve your place here:

Soviet Healthcare Via Targets: Are Governments Bringing it into the NHS?

In association with Sheffield Save Our NHS.

Dr Peter Campbell will present two sessions on ‘Soviet Healthcare: Are Governments Bringing it into the NHS?’ exploring the threat of target-driven management. Originally a GP, Dr Campbell now helps create and lead health projects in ex-Soviet countries, and has been featured on platforms such as TEDx. He is a principal lecturer at Universities in Heidelberg and Berlin. Each session includes breakout and strategy groups, protest songs on NHS themes, and an exhibition on the ubiquitousness of PFI.

This event is one of a number of events at the Festival of Debate on the theme of Democracy & Activism. Events in this strand have kindly been sponsored by Abbeydale Brewery.

Date Wedesday 25th April 2018 :Two sessions: 14:00-16:30 and 19:00-21:30.

Location: Roco Creative Co-op, 338-346, Glossop Road, Sheffield, S10 2HW.

Zambian immigrant. Ran a successful UK business, JCP, that established collaborative practices in organisations across the world, based on original research, captured in my book: Beyond Negotiation. Biggest success was to help save $2.1 billion on the Hong Kong metro TKE rail project. Former Chair of the Johnson and Johnson University leadership institute at Rhodes University South Africa. Was Visiting Professor at Sheffield Business School for eight years. Economic activist working on changing the management system in the public and private sectors, especially the NHS.


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